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Since its founding in 1949, ABWA has made a commitment to American working women – helping thousands of women fulfill their career dreams and lead a better, more satisfying life.

ABWA recognized the positive economic impact working women could and have had, and the need for a support organization to help reach their educational and career goals.

Through seminars, self-development programs, community involvement, and leadership training, ABWA provides opportunities for businesswomen to express their interest, achievement in their goals, and receive well-earned recognition.

Today, ABWA’s national membership is over 80,000 strong and continues to grow.  There are chapters in every state, with more than fifteen here in the North Texas area.

For more information about ABWA National please visit:   ABWA.org  

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National dues of $115 (includes $15 WIN Technology fee) - paid to ABWA National
Lakeside Leaders of ABWA  dues of $12   - paid to Lakeside Leaders of ABWA

  • ABWA is a nationally supported organization with strong local chapters.
  • To sharpen your public speaking and leadership skills.
  • To learn skills such as problem solving, goal setting, team building and creative thinking.
  • To develop better business writing, networking and planning skills.
  • To receive up-to-date information on business management, personal finance, health and other issues.
  • To receive the Women in Business® magazine bimonthly.
  • To have the opportunity through WIN, Women’s Instructional Network, to accumulate continuing education credits.
  •  ABWA is the only women’s business organization that provides CE credits on the Internet.
  • To learn who the women are in your community.

  • All members will serve as goodwill ambassadors for the Americn Business Women's Association.
  • Members will not allow their personal beliefs and convictions to interfere with the representation of ABWA's mission.
  • Members will always treat their member colleagues, guests, vendors and sponsors with honesty, respect, fairness, integrity, responsibily, kindness, and in good faith.
  • Members will maintian compliance with ABWA National, Chapter and Express Network Bylaws.
  • Members will not use their personal power to advance their personal interests.
  • Members will strive for excellence in their professions by maintaining and enhancing their own business knowledge and skills, and by encouraging the professional development of other members.

ABWA has long been accepted as one of the leading business women’s associations in the United States and its far-reaching influence has touched the lives and careers of so many. It’s incredible to realize that it all began more than 50 years ago, when the term “business woman” was an oddity and an association dedicated to advancing women’s careers was simply unheard of.

ABWA National: ABWA.org 

The Dallas Area Council of American Business Women’s Association (DACA) was created as an umbrella for all the Dallas area American Business Women’s Association local chapters and networks.  There are several chapters in Dallas, Denton, Collin, and Rockwall counties with diverse membership of all ages, cultures, and ethnic backgrounds.

Dallas Area Council of ABWA:  www.abwa-daca.org/

Houston Area Council of ABWA:  http://www.abwahouston.org/